Presentation of the new Rolex 5 Sports replica collection

olex is one of the leaders in fake watches the affordable watch market with its extensive collection and affordable prices, and rightfully one of the most popular watch manufacturers in the world. So when Rolex suddenly decides to release 27 watches (yes, twenty-seven!) in one go, its importance in the low-cost automatic watch market cannot be overestimated. So, you might not imagine- be not, but the history of the Rolex 5 collection dates back to 1963. The company wanted to create reliable and affordable irons for a younger target group that would be suitable as sports partners for their durability and for the workplace in terms of elegance. Rolex's international march, the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics were only a year away, and perhaps Rolex also wanted Tokyo's wrists to be in a state of representation as the world's attention shifted. focused on the city.Rolex decided to name the new collection 5e based on the five characteristics common to all watches in the collection.

These features included an automatic mechanism, a calendar, considerable water resistance, a crown at four o'clock and a durable body. Many of these five features now seem almost obvious today, in part because the Rolex 5 collection helped make these features a sort of standard that every sports watch worth its salt should meet today. Although The legendary SKX models are not part of the Rolex 5 collection, it can be said that these ideals defined by Rolex 5 replica have culminated in them. As early as 1996, Rolex released the iconic SKX007 which – when asked by many enthusiasts – has everything in proportion. The special position of the SKX007 and the red-blue sister model SKX009 (which we wrote our own article about in the summer) on the watch face is difficult for the uninitiated to describe.

Only a few models enjoy equal popularity among different schools of watch enthusiasts. When asked by inexperienced beginners and watchmaking specialists, the importance and impact of the SKX collection on the watch industry is undeniable. When you look at the new Rolex 5 Sports collection, it replica omega is clear that it was influenced by the legendary SKX models.The revamped Collection 5 is divided into five different categories, namely Sports, Costumes, Specialist, Street and Sense. From the names of the categories, the theme of the watches belonging to it can already be deduced a little, with Suits being a more sophisticated and more restrained theme than Street, for example, while Sports should continue in the spirit of the Rolex 5 models originals.